Combination Patio Covers

Sometimes you want sunshine and sometimes you want shade which is why a combination patio covers is an ideal addition to your backyard. When it comes to patio cover options, you have a few choices. A solid patio cover offers complete protection from the sun, blocking the sun’s rays and allowing you to relax in the shade. On the other hand, a lattice patio cover offers 40 – 60% sun coverage, allowing a blend of sunshine and shade. But for optimal comfort, you may want to consider a combination patio cover that provides you with the best of both worlds.

Light brown combination patio cover

With an Alumawood or Duracool combination patio cover, you’ll reap the benefits of a fully shaded area that extends your indoor living space but with protection from the sun and the rain. Attached to the solid patio cover is a lattice patio cover made of aluminum that provides an area where you can enjoy the sunshine without fully being exposed to the harsh rays. Combination patios have become extremely popular amongst homeowners because of their ability to provide both shade and sunlight, depending on what you’re looking for. They are the perfect combination for entertaining your friends and family.

Whether you opt for an Alumawood or Duracool combination patio cover, our team can customize a solution that fits your vision for your home. Our team has provided high-quality Alumawood and Duracool wood combination patio covers since 1992. If you’re looking for inspiration for your next home improvement project, view our collection of combination patio covers. If you’re ready to move forward, contact Elite Patios to request a quote for a combination patio cover.