Freestanding Patio Covers

Are you looking to add shade to an area that is deep in your yard away from your house? A freestanding patio can be installed deeper into your yard to provide adequate coverage over an area that typically receives a lot of sun exposure. These patio covers are ideal for gardens or pools where natural shade isn’t available, allowing you to spend more time in your backyard without getting beaten on by the scorching sun.

Freestanding patio cover

A freestanding aluminum patio cover can be used to cover any area that you’d like to reduce sun exposure. A common misconception is that a freestanding aluminum patio isn’t as durable as a patio that is attached to the side of the home — but that isn’t the case! A freestanding patio is actually more durable because it is supported by four posts instead of being reliant on the existing structure it is attached to.

Because a freestanding patio cover isn’t secured to the side of your home, it allows air to flow through it from all angles. This promotes airflow and allows cool air to sweep underneath the patio cover, helping you keep cool even when the sun is shining. There’s no better way for you to enjoy your backyard with family and friends than by sitting by your pool or garden underneath your high-quality freestanding patio.

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